Why is the Fortnite Batman Zero outfit so confusing?

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The Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic crossover brought the Caped Crusader (once again) to the island, as he fights in the Loop and reveals some secret about the Zero Point. The comic brings not only promise of new lore, but also some sweet new skins. However, much like the Loop wiping our Battle Royale combatants’ memories, it’s just as confusing to figure out how Epic Games plans to deploy the Fortnite Batman Zero skin.

There’s been lots of confusion on how to get Batman himself  and even how to get the redemption codes. It all started when (print) comics sold out, or were being scalped and resold. DC Universe Infinite subscribers get codes when the comics are released digitally, but it’s not clear when they get codes. To make matters even more confusing, Batman Zero just showed up in the Item Shop along some previously thought exclusive cosmetics. What’s going on? Here’s how to make sure you get your Batman codes.

Epic Games clears up Fortnite Batman Zero redemptions

Epic Games’s support had to publish a short guide addressing the confusion of where to get skins. To start, skins are included for comic readers first, and then will appear in the Item Shop for everyone at a later date.

Print Comics

Physical, printed comics will come with a code if you get them fresh. This collab has proven to be quite popular, and resellers have already started selling off codes by themselves. If you can’t get your copies from a local store, be careful where you buy the codes and comics from.

DC Universe Infinite

DC has an online digital subscription service for their comics, and you’ll get codes only if you’re a paid subscriber in the US. You also can’t get codes during the free trial period, either. You should get your codes after you have read the comics the code is related to. Other services, like Comixology or the Google Play Comics App aren’t eligible.

Batman Zero

Batman Zero showed up in the Item Shop the other day, bringing alongside the Batman Zero Wing Glider that was included in May 4’s issue. This Batman is not the same as the one you get for redeeming all six comics; that one is the Armored Batman Zero. It’ll also be in the Item Shop at a later date like Rebirth Harley Quinn.

If you purchased a cosmetic from the Item Shop that is included with a comic, you can still redeem the code. You won’t get your V-Bucks back, but you’ll be eligible for Armored Batman Zero skin as long as all six codes are on the same account.

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