Unstable Bow Fortnite: 6 Tips and Tricks you need to know

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The Unstable Bow Fortnite is a new Exotic Weapon you can grab in Chapter 2 Season 6. What makes it Unstable? It doesn’t have durability or anything like that, but the weapon’s trademark instability manifests as a glitched-out Bow that will fire a random type of arrow. With this variance in mind, the Unstable Bow can be either a blessing or a curse. Here’s six of our finest tips to help you make the most of the Unstable Bow.

Unstable Bow Fortnite: Where to find

To get the Unstable Bow, find Rebirth Raven (of Teen Titans fame) in the house on the cliff northwest of Sweaty Sands. It will cost you 500 Bars.

Unstable Bow Fortnite: 6 Tips and Tricks

1- If you Bow, you know

When you get the Unstable Bow, you’ll notice that it won’t say “Unstable Bow” when it’s in your inventory. Instead, it’ll give the name of the Bow your next shot’s effect will be. If you look at the Bow itself, it will also change appearances to match another type of Epic Bow. What the Bow glitches into next is random, but you’ll at least know what kind of shot you’ll be making next.

There are four Bow types the Unstable Bow can become: Mechanical Explosive, Mechanical Shockwave, Primal Flame or Primal Stink. Check out our complete Bow guide for the best strategies for each of these Bow types.

2- The cycle continues

Knowing what kind of arrow you have is great, but what if you don’t need that effect? The Unstable Bow cycles when fired, and you don’t need to fully charge it to change effects. You won’t get any effects on an uncharged shot, but you will be able to essentially re-roll it to a new effect. Just keep your ammo in mind.

3- Minimum charge for maximum damage

Bows do the same amount of damage no matter how long you charge them. Charging them longer just results in the arrow flying faster. This can come in handy in close quarters situations, where a quickly slung arrow can act as a last-ditch shotgun. It’s not intuitive, so many players are inclined to hold out their arrows even when pressured in close range.

4- Precision

While the highlight of the Unstable Bow is the bevy of effects you have random access to, keep in mind the Mechanical and Primal distinction. Explosive and Shockwave Bows are still Mechanical, meaning they have a 2.5x headshot multipliers. When the Unstable Bow takes on the form of either of these two, you could one-shot a fully shielded enemy.

5- Better together

The various effects the Unstable Bow can use are even better served in multiplayer. Some modes are better than others in Solo, but they all can be used to great effect as a spacing tool when you’re coordinating attacks with friends. No matter what kind of arrow you’re firing, you’ll be sure to set your squad up for some decisive eliminations.

6- Don’t pay if you don’t have to

The Unstable Bow costs a solid 500 Bars. It’s not pocket change, so you’ll want to ensure you can make the most of your investment. Since the house where you find Raven is by Sweaty Sands, consider landing there first and fight your way towards the house. If you’re lucky, you might catch someone trying to buy it or had already obtained it. Get the drop on them and loot it instead of paying for it.

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