Forever Fortnite Weapon Tier List April 2021

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Want to know what loot’s worth keeping and what you should leave on the ground? Our Fortnite weapon tier list for April 2021 will rank all of the weapons and tell you which you should be using.

Fortnite Weapon Tier List April 2021

There’s a lot of weapons this season. In addition to the Primal counterparts of the weapons we’re familiar with, there are also Makeshift versions that are used for crafting. Some of these Makeshift weapons aren’t too bad, but you should upgrade them as soon as you can.


  • Assault Rifle
  • Primal Flame Bow
  • Primal Stink Bow
  • Mechanical Shockwave Bow

These weapons are the best of the best, and you should always look to have at least one of these one hand. Range is the name of the game for Battle Royale, and the Epic upgraded Bows combine range and versatility. The Mechanical Assault Rifle also covers any range has been historically a great weapon.

  • Mechanical Explosive Bow

The Explosive Bow is way better in Duos or Squads, as the explosives work great against clustered enemies or as a spacing/distraction tool. It’s awkward to use against single targets, so consider it A-Tier when playing Solo.


  • Pump Shotgun
  • SMG
  • Primal SMG
  • Mechanical Bow
  • Primal Bow

You won’t be embarrassed to have any of these weapons here. Close range weapons like Shotguns and SMGs don’t suffer much from the accuracy loss when made into a Primal weapon, so either is a good choice. The Primal and Mechanical Bows should be (and are easily) upgraded.


  • Recycler
  • Revolver
  • Primal Shotgun
  • Makeshift Shotgun
  • Makeshift Bow
  • Makeshift SMG

B-Tier weapons are either situationally good or are just a little worse as a Makeshift version of different weapons. The Recycler can be awkward if you miss, and the Revolver is only as good as your aiming skills. The Primal Shotgun has been difficult to use since the last round of nerfs.


  • Primal Assault Rifle
  • Makeshift Assault Rifle

The main benefit of the Assault Rifle is how accurate it is at any range you need. With first shot accuracy taken away for the Primal and Makeshift Assault Rifles, these do a reasonable impression of an SMG at medium to close range. At the range you expect to be able to use an assault rifle, you’ll find that they shoot everywhere except where you’re aiming.

The Rest

  • Primal Pistol
  • Makeshift Revolver

Like the C-Tier rifles, the Makeshift Revolver doesn’t have the accuracy that makes the regular Revolver playable. Combined with its naturally low fire rate, the Makeshift Revolver can’t hit when you need it to and should be upgraded into a Mechanical Revolver or dropped. It’s not worth turning it into a Primal Pistol, as I find that the Primal Pistol upgrade is like a worse Primal Shotgun all around.

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