Fortnite Safe Locations: Where to find Safes in Fortnite

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This week’s quests in Chapter 2 Season 6 has you look for safes around the island. They can be tricky to find even if you’ve found Fortnite locations before. Here’s where to find safes in Fortnite.

Fortnite Safe Locations

The tricky part is finding three of them to complete the quest. Safes may not spawn in the same location between matches, so you’ll have to keep your eye out to find them all. The easiest way to find safes is to pick a location to land in each game, and check the same spot.

A safer way to find safes is to land in a further off area right when the game begins. Pick a POI away from the Battle Buss path and land there. You should be able to look for safes in relative safety.

Where to find Safes in Fortnite

Safes seem to spawn indoors, so start by looking through homes and offices to find them. Once you’ve located a safe, you open like a chest. It takes a few seconds to open, but cracking open a safe will earn you 150 Bars to spend on NPC hires, upgrades or Exotic weapons. Since you’l be hanging around POIs, there are always NPCs to find.

Once you’ve found and opened three safes, you’ll earn yourself 24,000 XP and of course end up with some gold for your troubles.

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