The new Hasbro Pulse Fortnite figures look amazing

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Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest had my casual attention. I used to collect Transformers, and I play a lot of Magic: the Gathering. I expected to see some new Transformers at Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest, but I didn’t count on the amazing new Fortnite figures the toy giant revealed.

Fortnite and Hasbro go a ways back. Hasbro does Nerf, who produce the licensed Fortnite toy blasters. More recently, Hasbro put up for pre-order figures based on Fortnite’s rendition of Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, another Hasbro property and Fortnite’s own The Foundation.

Hasbro Pulse Fortnite figures look amazing

The Fortnite toys you see on store shelves currently are produced by Jazwares. They’re great, but more oriented towards younger kids. These Hasbro figures are just as much for kids as they are for adult collectors, following the approach that we see with their Star Wars: The Black Series figures. Like other six-inch Hasbro toylines, they’ll be fairly articulated with over 20 points of articulation and tons of accessories.

Unlike the limited edition Snake Eyes and The Foundation, these will be regular release figures. There’s a few classes of figures to look at.

There are four figures in the first wave of the Victory Royale line: Ripply, Lynx, Chaos Agent and Midas Rex. Chaos Agent is one of my favorite skins, but I can’t help but be entranced the clear plastic on Ripply. The images Hasbro revealed are just renders, so I hope the figure looks as good when it makes to plastic.

That’s not all, as we also saw deluxe figures featuring Meowscle’s Shadow style and Skye. They come with their matching backbling, harvesting tool and Mythic weapons (the Grappler counts as a weapon, right?). Meowcles also comes with an alternate hand parts, a set of hand cannons and his entire bench press for some reason. Skye comes with Ollie in glider form. I can see these deluxe packs doing well for collectors who like to match their skin sets in game, as the figures coming with all of their matching accessories just feels right.

But wait, there’s more! The last reveal is the Loot Shark, complete with skis and fishing rod to let your figures ride it. The shark itself can split open, dropping loot like a pinata. It’s not quite how the Loot Shark worked in-game, but the toy is a creative take.

All of the six-inch figures look great and high-end, mostly due to the design choice of pin-less joints. These make them look less a little like toys for the discerning collector and more like what we see from higher-end Japanese collectible companies like Bandai and Good Smile Company.

I didn’t expect to be this excited over Fortnite toys, but here I am. My favorite season was Chapter 2 Season 2, and I couldn’t be happier with the choice of characters for the first Hasbro wave.

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