Fortnite Barricades in POIs: More wildlife to come?

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I noticed something when I was doing my dailies other day: there are now barricades in areas like Sweaty Sands and Misty Meadows. What could these Fortnite barricades mean?

These changes started appearing when raptors were added to the game, and I noticed that the little dinosaurs have been appearing inside POIs rather than in the wilderness where I’d expect. I was holed out in the garage underneath the apartment complex, and saw a pack of raptors walk by through the cracked bay door. I felt like I was in Jurassic Park.

At ends of Sweaty Sands and Misty Meadows, there are a few makeshift barriers and overturned cars blocking some of the road.

Fortnite Barricades in POIs: More wildlife to come?

Chapter 2 Season 6’s theme is “Primal”, but really only half of the map reflects this theme. With raptors appearing in towns and residents barricading themselves in, the wilderness seems to be encroaching into the developed areas of the island.

These small map changes in Fortnite usually foretell new events or changes to the island. We could expect to see more and more barricades coming up in POIs, and my money is on more wildlife coming.

Raptors are easy to handle, but what about something bigger? You can’t play up a Jurassic Park concept without some larger fauna like a tyrannosaurus. I feel like this is the direction Epic Games is going in, since the raptors currently in the game are tamable.

If we got large fauna, I’d want them to be like the Loot Shark. They would work great as an environmental hazard that drops high-powered loot when defeated. My concern is if they’ll be tamable.

Handling something like a T-Rex would be no easy task. If we got tamable large dinosaur, we run into the risk of repeating what happened with the dreaded B.R.U.T.E. from Season X.

Players complained that it was too easy to lose to the giant mech. Epic Game justified this by insisting the mech was designed to make a spectacle and to give players of lower skill levels a better chance at winning games. If we do get a T-Rex, I hope it’s more cool than annoying.