The Fortnite Stonks skin is amazing

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In celebration of April Fool’s Day, Epic Games gave us quite a treat. The classic Stonks meme has been immortalized as Fortnite Diamond Hanz, complete with a reactive back bling. It’s an April Fool’s gag, but it’s no joke. You can buy it from the item shop now.

Fortnite Diamond Hanz

Diamond Hanz is a play off of the phrase “diamond hands”, used by the investors in r/WallStreetBets. Having diamond hands means to hold onto a position no matter the risks or ups and downs. The Stonks meme was a calling card for investors during GameStonks, from which that got its name from.

The Fortnite Stonks skin is amazing

Now in Fortnite, Stonks has been immortalized as a skin. It costs 1,200 V-Bucks and comes with the Gains! back bling, which is the red arrow that’s depicted in the original image.

Fortnite Diamond Hanz takes some liberties with the design. Like his namesake, Diamond Hans has diamond textured hands. The suit is torn around the shoulders, with more tears around the right leg and ankles. The face looks more like a crash test dummy than the original Meme Man, but the looks feels just right. Epic Games have had a long history of making close-enough-but-legally-distinct versions of memes, after all.

The item shop listing notably has a potential typo. It says “Hodl” when I think they mean hold, as evidenced in the splash art when you load in. It could have been intentional as an April Fool’s gag.

The back bling isn’t listed as reactive, but it is. Getting an elimination causes it to glow and flash, letting you see how your kills add up. Disappointingly, the arrow doesn’t grow the more kills you get, but that could become ridiculous. From the back, it looks like a convenient “shoot here!” sign for your enemies.

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