Fortnite on Switch is even better now

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You can play Fortnite on anything unless it’s an iOS device. If I had a smart fridge, I’d put Fortnite on that before I put any food in. Since I don’t, I have Fortnite installed on every gaming capable electronic I have. Even with the breadth of gaming hardware choices I have, I find myself grabbing the Nintendo Switch when I play Fortnite.

Fortnite on Switch gets optimization update

Sure it doesn’t look or perform as well as other platforms, but the ability to chill out in my bed and do a couple of rounds and quests is worth that sacrifice. It’s also a great party game you can play with your family or roommates. Now, the experience will be even better with the new update containing numerous optimizations just for the Switch.

As much as I love the versatility of the Switch, Fortnite still suffers from a few hiccups on Nintendo. Dynamic resolution preserves the frame rate, but there’s always a few slowdowns here and there. The resolution also isn’t fantastic, and textures sometimes take too long to load. Sometimes, locker textures don’t load and the polygonal models look downright cursed.

The update bumps up the resolution a good few points, to 1170×660 in handheld and 1560×880 in docked mode. According to Epic Games, the game now better utilizes the Switch’s GPU, allowing the renderer to improve frame-rate and resolution. The update also optimizes storage, shaving off about 140 MB from the file size.

In my testing, the game loaded noticeably faster than before, and the environment looked sharper and more vivid. The frame-rate also felt more consistent, with only a few hitches right when I landed. The cursed polygonal models are no more, but I felt like some character textures were a little more jagged. This may be due to the resolution improving, but not the texture fidelity themselves.

The greatest improvement has to be the load times. It makes it so much nicer to pick up and play a few rounds without firing up your PC or console.

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