Where to find Wolves in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

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Wildlife is new to the island in Chapter 2 Season 6, serving a variety of purposes that tie into the new mechanics. Wolves are the coolest, and you can hunt them for their bones to make weapons or even tame them to get a boost in battle. Here’s where to find wolves in Fortnite.

Where to find Wolves in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Wolves can be found all over the island, but you’ll have to most luck if you look in wooded areas like in the lower center of the map. I’ve seen wolves spawn around the Orchard and by the roads near Weeping Woods.

When you find a wolf, they’ll be hostile and attack. You can tame them by throwing food at them before they see you, and then walking up to it and interacting. A tamed wolf will follow you around and attack nearby enemies for the rest of the game. They have their own health bars and can be eliminated.

If you don’t want your very own wolf pal, you can hunt them for their bones by killing them instead. They drop multiple Animal Bones and meat, letting you craft a Hunter’s Cloak quickly for the quest. With a Hunter’s Cloak, other wildlife won’t attack you, making it easier to hunter animals or to grab a chicken.

Wolves also tend to travel in packs, so hunting them all is a fast way to get the four Bones you need to craft one of the powerful new Primal weapons. My recommendation is the Primal Shotgun for the early game.

There’s some neat tricks you can use when it comes to wolves. If you see a health bar for an NPC pop up on your screen, you’ll know that someone is fighting against wildlife. Get the drop on the enemy while they’re fighting for an easy kill.