Fortnite Cuttlefish: How to use a Cuddle Fish

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The Cuddle Fish is an interesting new fish in Chapter 2 Season 6. What it actually does is rather confusing, so here’s everything you need to know about the new Fortnite Cuttlefish.

The Cuddle Fish is a play on the real-world cuttlefish, a cousin to the squid and octopus. Like their name implies, the Cuddle Fish loves to cuddle. What this actually entails is a proximity mine effect with some sticky qualities.

Fortnite Cuttlefish: How to use a Cuddle Fish

You can fish up a Cuddle Fish from any fishing spot. Unlike other fish you can catch in the game, this one doesn’t have curative effects. It’s actually a weapon, and can be thrown.

When thrown on an enemy, it will latch onto them as a sticky bomb and explode in ink after a while. This explosion doesn’t seem to do a lot of damage against structures, so they’re safer to use in buildings. At the same time, they’re bad at destroying enemy builds.

Throwing a Cuddle Fish on the ground will cause it to act as proximity mine, exploding when an an enemy walks near it. This can be used to lay traps around door for enemies, or as an alert system if you’re holed up in a building or structure. I found that enemies just run right past them and miss the explosion, but I was trying to use them as a traditional proximity mine.

Enemies walking near the Cuddle Fish will cause it to jump around and attempt to latch onto them.

They’re not as powerful as the old proximity mines, as they’ll only do 35 damage. You can also cause them to explode earlier by shooting at them. They seem to be better suited as a distraction, and there’s sure to be some strategic utility to the Cuddle Fish. Try to throw a bunch of them around an enemy, and they’ll be sure to crack under the pressure of the cephalopod bombs.

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