That’s a Good Boy: How to Tame a Wolf in Fortnite

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One of the more unique mechanics added to Chapter 2 Season 6 is the presence of wildlife that can be hunted for meat and bones that can be used to upgrade items. You can also use the meat to win over the wolves that now roam the island. Here’s how to tame a wolf in Fortnite.

That’s a Good Boy: How to Tame a Wolf in Fortnite

Wolves roam the island and are hostile if you approach them, but they’re not all bad. You can actually tame them so they support you in battle if you know how.

1: Hunt for some Meat

Your first step is to find a suitable offering for your new lupine companion. You can get meat by hunting animals, just like you get bones. It doesn’t matter which animal you kill, as all meat is the same in Fortnite.

2: Find a Wolf

With some meat in tow, you can now go tame a wolf. You can find wolves wandering throughout the island, but you could probably find them more often in wooded areas. I ran into some on the highway outside of Weeping Woods, but you may find them in other places.

3: Feed the Wolf

Wolves are pretty killer in Fortnite, but luckily they’re easily won over with a treat. Throw the meat in front of the wolf before it notices you, or else it will get hostile and attack. To throw meat, select it in your inventory and aim down sights. Then press fire to throw.

While the wolf is feeding on your offering, quickly approach it and interact with it. You should see some hearts over its head. You now have a wolf friend! You can also tame boars with the same steps.

Tames wolves act like hired NPCs, attacking nearby enemies. They’re best used as either a distraction or as a radar, since the computer-controlled wolf will find nearby enemies before you do. Like NPCs, they have health and can be eliminated.

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