Who are The Seven in Fortnite?

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With Chapter 2 Season 6 set to arrive this week, Epic Games have been treating us to their classic cryptic teasers. This time, we get mention once again of The Seven. Just who are The Seven in Fortnite?

Today’s Reality Log has Agent Jones attempt to get some classified information on The Seven, only to find his credentials revoked. He decides to just take what he needs on his own.

Who are The Seven in Fortnite?

The Seven are a mysterious organization that first appeared in Chapter 1 Season 3, and have been mentioned in the trailers for Chapter 2 Season 5. Not much is known about them, but we do know the identities of three of The Seven.

The Visitor

We first saw The Visitor in Chapter 1 Season 4. In the story, he came to the island in Season 3 from a distant, unknown world and was kept in his capsule at Dusty Divot. He escaped, and launched the Rocket that created the Crack In The Sky.

The Scientist

An alternate universe version of The Vistor. The Scientist built another rocket out of B.R.U.T.E. parts to activate Rift beacons that would summon the rest of The Seven. They then took a meteor and teleported it into the Zero Point, causing The End and reforming the island.

The Paradigm

The only female member of The Seven, but not much is known about her.

Each member of The Seven is a different version of The Visitor. In Season X, there were Visitor Tapes that were created by The Scientist that describe The Seven’s plan to allegedly save Reality and break The Loop.

It seems then that Agent Jones and The Seven may have similar goals. The Seven also seem to be the enemy of the Imagined Order that Jonesy is a part of, and his growing resentment against IO is pushing him to go rogue.

According to Epic Games, Chapter 2 Season 6 will start with the conclusion of Agent Jones’ mission with a single player experience, Zero Crisis Finale. They also promise that this will be the most ambitious story cinematic yet, so I’m hoping we get more answers than questions this time.