How to Get Intel from a Character Fortnite

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One of this week’s quests has you get Intel from a character Fortnite. Like dueling characters, not all NPCs have intel to give. Here’s where to look to get your intel and complete the quest.

Chapter 2 Season 5 is quickly approaching the end, and there’s one last week of challenges to help you polish off your Battle Pass and use up your bars. One set of quests has you interact with NPCs, and after buying an item and upgrading a weapon you’ll be tasked with getting Intel from them.

How to Get Intel from a Character Fortnite

Only specific characters can give intel, and it’ll cost you some bars. Don’t worry too much about the cost, since your bars are going away when the season ends next week. Here’s which NPCs give intel and where you can find them.

  • Burnout: Steamy Stacks, Craggy Cliffs or Sweaty Sands
  • Sleuth: Sweaty sands, Retail Row
  • Ragnarok: Holly Hedges
  • Kyle: Weeping Woods, Lumber Lodge
  • Bunker Jonesy: Camp Cod, Shipwreck Cove
  • Lexa: Hunter’s Haven

Most of these NPCs can be found in a variety of locations, so if you’re looking for a consistent, guaranteed source of Intel for the quest consider going to Ragnarok at Holly Hedges or Lexa at Hunter’s Haven.

You just need to get Intel from one character to complete the Quest.

If you’re heading to Holly Hedges or Hunter’s Haven, take care as both are sure to be hot zones. They’re already a great place to grab loot, and you’ll be sure to run into more players has they also look to get Intel from NPCs.

A safer way to just complete the quest is to visit Bunker Jonesy, since he spawns in far-off areas where there aren’t many players. It’s just difficult to make it back to the center of the island when the circle shrinks.