Duel Characters Fortnite Guide: How to Complete Week 15 Legendary Quest

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The season’s almost at its end, but there’s still one last wave of challenges to help you polish off your Battle Pass. This week, Menace has you duel other characters. Here’s how to Duel Characters Fortnite.

How to Duel Characters Fortnite

To duel a character, you have to find an eligible NPC and select the option to challenge them. Not all NPCs can be challenged, and fighting them without actually going through the dialogue will not count towards the quest even if they could have been dueled.

There aren’t many duel-able NPCs, but here are the ones you can fight for the quest.

  • Blaze, South of Sweaty Sands
  • Ragnorak, Holly Hedges
  • Menace, Colossal Coliseum
  • Brutus, Dirty Docks
  • Big Chuggus, Slurpy Swamp
  • Kondor, Misty Meadows
  • Kit, Catty Corner

When defeated, the NPCs will drop the weapon that was shown when challenged.

Actually fighting NPCs may give you a hard time since the computer will aim better than players sometimes. To get the upper hand, bring a strong close range weapon like the Rapid Fire SMG or a shotgun. They have more health and shields than a player does, so make sure your health is topped off and your gear is ready. Get close to them, go through the dialogue, and unload your clip into their head for maximum damage.

Many of these characters also offer Exotic Weapons or upgrades, so be sure trick out your gear before you challenge them.

The first phase of the Legendary Quest needs you to duel five characters. From here, you’ll earn XP for every five characters you duel. All in all, you’ll need to have dueled 25 times.

Since there aren’t many NPCs that you can duel, I suggest setting some time to grind this quest. Drop into Misty Meadows and get as much loot as you can. Fight off anyone you meet in the early game and take on Kondor who can be found walking by the fountain. When you defeat him, make your way to Catty Corner to take on Kit or head to Slurpy Swamp to take on Big Chuggus. If you went for Kit, you can then head to either Colossal Coliseum or Dirty Docks for another duel. From Big Chuggus, you can head west to Holly Hedges for Ragnorak and then north to find and challenge Blaze.