Where is Remedy in Fortnite? How to find NPC

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You’ll want to know where is Remedy in Fortnite if you want to complete the Predator quest or get a Chug Cannon. Here’s everything you need to know to find her in Fortnite.

Where is Remedy in Fortnite? Remedy Location

Remedy can be found in two locations. The first is in a house northeast of Pleasant Park, near the Durr Burger truck.

If she’s not there, you can look for her in a building on the southern end of Craggy Cliffs. In either location, look for a dialogue bubble through the walls to find her.

You’ll need to find and talk to Remedy, Dummy and Beef Boss to complete the Predator challenge and earn the spray. You most likely won’t find all of them in the same match and you won’t need to. Just talk to to any of them when you see them and the spray will be yours.

Where is Remedy in Fortnite? How to Get Chug Cannon

While you’re here with Remedy, you can buy the Exotic Chug Cannon from her. It’s like the Bandage Bazooka, except it fires Chug Splash for healing instead of bandages. You can use this on yourself by launching it into the floor or against a wall you’re propped up against.

The Chug Cannon takes up two item slots and has five rounds that recharge one shot every 20 seconds. It’s a great first item to grab, as you can almost guarantee you’ll be at full shields after skirmishes if you already have a decent weapon. It’s even good for the last circles, letting you go through the Storm to reposition while healing yourself.

The Chug Cannon’s greatest strength is that it fires Chug Splash, so you’ll be healing health and then shields. Keep in mind that this can heal other players, friendly or otherwise.

Remedy can also be hired, giving you some extra muscle and eyes if you’re solo.