Cookbooks Fortnite: Where are the Cookbooks in Fortnite?

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Cookbooks Fortnite are needed to complete one of this week’s Epic Quests. If you’re behind on the Battle Pass, there’s still time to complete it if you look for easy quests like this one. Where are the Cookbooks in Fortnite?

Cookbooks Fortnite Location

Luckily, cookbooks are easy to find. Where there’s cooking, there are cookbooks. Look inside the kitchen at residential areas to find them.

Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs are great places to drop, and you’ll be heading here for this challenge. Break into the houses and look for the cookbooks in the kitchen. Not every kitchen will have a cookbook, but most will. You need four cookbooks total from either location to complete this Quest.

Where are the Cookbooks in Fortnite?

As there’s decent look at either of these locations, you will definitely encounter some enemies while you’re hitting up all the kitchens. Land on the roof of a building and break into the attic. Try to collect some loot so you can at least defend yourself as you work your way down.

Remember to close doors behind you as you go in and out of buildings. If you hear fight inside one of the houses, you can give one of my favorite tactics to try.

If the opponents left the doors open, close them. Either way, wait by the closed door for the enemy to leave and ambush them. If you enter a house and hear an enemy on the upper floor (listen to their footsteps), hide under the staircase and wait until they expose their backs to you.

If you choose to drop in Craggy Cliffs, you’ll run into less enemies. Land at the big restaurant and work your way down. Don’t miss the Slurp Barrels in the attic area. Try not to linger here, as I often find that it’s difficult to get back to the circle unless you take a car.