How to Harvest Fruit and Vegetables for Fortnite

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You’ll want to know how to harvest fruit and vegetables for Fortnite if you want to complete one of this week’s Epic Challenges. This one is pretty simple, and completing it will get you a cool 20,000 XP for your Battle Pass. Here’s how to harvest fruit and vegetables for Fortnite.

Harvest Fruit and Vegetables for Fortnite: How to Complete

You’ll need to harvest eight fruits and/or vegetables to complete this quest. Frenzy Farm may be gone this season, but there’s still some farmland to grab fruits and vegetables.

It’s not a named location, but The Orchard is a great place to get your harvest on. You can find it between Colossal Coliseum and Steamy Stacks, right at the northeastern-most point of the desert area.

There’s a cabbage patch here and a ton of apples for you to harvest. Since you’re harvesting them, you can just add them to your inventory and don’t need to consume any of them. Collect eight of them in any combination and you’re all set.

The Orchard is a surprisingly hot drop site. Try to land on the farmhouse, as it has more consistent loot that the barn. If you have to fight your way out of The Orchard, remember to eat some apples or use the campfire to heal yourself if you got into a tussle.

If you don’t want to go to The Orchard, you can often find cabbages in the gardens at houses like at Holly Hedges. Each plot has six cabbages, so there are more than enough to collect for the Quest.

While you have your inventory full of fruits and vegetables, consider heading to Hunter’s Haven if you have time or if the circle allows it. There’s another challenge where you must throw fruit there. You can just throw the same piece repeatedly there.