Fortnite: How to Throw Fruit at Hunters Haven

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How to Throw Fruit at Hunters Haven will be needed to know if you want to complete this week’s challenge.

The season’s end is quickly nearing upon us, but there’s still plenty of opportunities to polish off that Battle Pass if you’re behind (like me). This challenge isn’t too difficult if you know where to go. Sounds simple enough: grab some fruit, head to Hunter’s Haven and have a food fight.

How to Throw Fruit at Hunters Haven

You get fruit by looting produce crates around the map. They’re usually found in kitchens and restaurants. You’re looking for the green cardboard boxes.

These produce crates can contain peppers, mushrooms, coconuts, bananas and other consumables. You need to throw a fruit, so you want to pick up a coconut or banana. There’s a building with a kitchen at the southern end of Hunter’s Haven where you can find a crate. If not, you can grab fruit from another area and head to Hunter’s Haven.

The crates spawn random items, so you may not even get one with fruit on your first time. It may take a few games before you can find one.

Once you’ve got some fruit, you just have to be in the area and throw it about. You can actually throw a fruit, pick it up and throw it again multiple times to get the requisite three throws.

Throw Fruit at Hunter’s Haven

To throw a fruit (and not eat it), you simple have to hold the aim-down-sites button and then fire to throw, like you would throw a Shield Potion or other consumable. On PC, that’s right click to aim and then left click to throw. Consoles would have L2/LT/ZL to aim, and R2/RT/ZR to throw.

Once you’ve done this three times, you’ll be 20,000 XP closer to finishing your Battle Pass.