How to Bathe in the Purple Pool Fortnite: Challenge Guide

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Bathe in the Purple Pool Fortnite is one of the more simple Chapter 2 Season 5 challenges. Here’s everything you need to complete this Week 13 Challenge.

The end of the season is quickly upon us, but there’s still no shortage of challenges to polish off your Battle Pass. This challenge is incredibly easy if you know exactly where to look.

Where to find the Fortnite Purple Pool

The marker places this challenge at Steamy Stacks. The giant purple vats at the bottom of the Stacks themselves come to mind, but this won’t complete the challenge.

They’re not really much of a pool, anyway. You’re looking for a rectangular pool in the middle of the main facility. Head into the building with the Kevolution Energy sign and smash right through the wall behind the front desk. This puts you in the room with the Purple Pool you’re looking for.

How to Bathe in the Purple Pool Fortnite

To complete the challenge, simply jump into the pool. Congratulations, you’re now 20,000 XP closer to finishing your Battle Pass.

Take care when you land in Steamy Stacks. Despite being on the corner of the map, it always surprises me how hot of a drop spot Steamy Stacks has been. When you land, try to get the high ground and get weapon quickly. There’s lots of places for you to get the jump on enemies, but that also means they’ll be able to get the jump on you. Mind corners and doors, especially if you’re coming out of the main building.

My favorite trick to pull in this area is to find firefights in the buildings and close the doors from the outside. After your enemies destroy each other in battle, you’ll be able to ambush them when they go to leave the building.

While you’re here, check out the Alien teaser just out the southern end of the area.

When you’re done questing and looting, take an eponymous Steamy Stack and ride it out of the area.