Fortnite Alien Crossover Teaser Found by Steamy Stacks

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A teaser for a Fortnite Alien collaboration has been found in Steamy Stacks.

Hot on the heels of the Street Fighter crossover that saw Ryu and Chun Li take the island, the next hunters to join the Season will apparently come from the Alien franchise.

Fortnite Alien Crossover

Dataminer FireMonkey uncovered splash art for the latest crossover. The Alien collaboration will bring the eponymous Xenomorph and Ripley as the island’s latest warriors.

The teaser can be found south of Steamy Stacks, where a strand of the Zero Point has opened another portal. Approaching this portal reveals what appears to be a space station, while playing a version of the 1979 film’s main theme. The Street Fighter teaser was visible in game shortly before the set dropped in the Item Shop, so it won’t be long before you can get your hands on the Alien skins in Fortnite.

The bundle is expected to be similar to how the Terminator and Street Fighter bundles worked, with a set of individually purchasable cosmetics or a bundle for everything at a discount. Built-in emotes are expected.

The Alien crossover has been teased by Epic Games on the Fortnite Twitter, with some great tongue in cheek references to the classic 1979 movie, though Jonesy seems to be in the sequel Aliens from 1986. Sounds like Jonesy is going the way of Kane.

Chapter 2 Season 4 had a full blown Marvel crossover season, but this season sees Jonesy bringing more hunters from across the omniverse into a ridiculous crossover fest. With Street Fighter and now Alien joining the party, there’s even crossovers of crossover franchises.

The Street Fighter collaboration saw Ryu able to fight Wolverine for the first time since 2011’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and now we can have Alien vs. Predator in Fortnite.