Fortnite Compensation: How to Get Settlement V-Bucks

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We live in some truly ridiculous times. You can actually get V-Bucks as a result of a class action lawsuit. It’s a gamer’s world now, and here’s how to get your Fortnite Compensation.

Fortnite Compensation

If you or a loved one bought a Loot Llama in Fortnite: Save the Word, you may be entitled to compensation.

Jokes aside, Epic Games will provide $26.5 million in cash among other benefits to those in the United States who bought a Loot Llama during the class period. The lawsuit claims that Epic Games violated consumer protection laws, but Epic Games denies these claims.

Nevertheless, the court has already approved the settlement, so Epic Games has to pay up.

The class action lawsuit levied against Epic Games about loot boxes isn’t just for those who bought random loot boxes when they were available. Even if you didn’t play and buy a Loot Llama, you may still be file for compensation. Players who bought in-game items using virtual currency between July 1, 2015 and February 25, 2021 are entitled to join the class action lawsuit. This includes the Battle Pass, as well as item shop purchases.

According to the settlement, you can join the lawsuit if you “believe the purchase gives rise to a claim of consumer fraud, breach of contract, or other claim for damages, or if you wish to obtain a partial refund for a purchase you made as a minor with your own money and without parental permission”.

That last part is a touchy subject, as it’s been heavily debated if Fortnite actually promotes gambling to children. Since the EA’s loot box fiasco in Battlefront 2, governments around the world have investigated gambling practices in this business model.

You may have already noticed 1,000 V-Bucks credited to your account for each Loot Llama you may have bought. If not, you can fill out the claim here. You won’t be able to receive any cash settlements if you don’t fill the form out, but you should still get the 1,000 V-Bucks.

The deadline to exclude or object is April 12, and the deadline to file a claim will be April 26. Final approval will be May 6.

This suit also includes Rocket League players, covering the same terms for Loot Crates and Credits.