Fortnite: Today’s Item Shop Featuring Jumpshot and Triple Threat!

In today’s Fornite Item Shop, the basketball players make their return to the shop as the NBA season kicks off today! The shop is filled with 7 different skin options, so if you are looking for a new skin, today could be your day.

To start, we have Fennix and Vulture coming in at 1200 and 1500 V-bucks respectively. The Fennix is making its 4th item shop appearance since it entered the realm on August 26th of 2019. The Vulture skin is also making its 4th item shop appearance. Both skins resemble animals if you are looking to complete your collection of animal skins.

Epic Games



The Fennix is my selection of the day. A coyote/fox type skin that has a decent price tag at 1200 V-bucks, a slim body for competitiveness, and is rarely seen on the battlefield from my experience.

Epic Games

The basketball players Jumpshot and Triple Threat, coming in at 1200 V-bucks a piece, made their return to kick off the NBA season. If you are looking to rep the sport of basketball today is your day. Included in the shop to continue this theme is the Baller emote at 500 V-bucks, the Hang  Time glider at 1200 V-bucks, and the Slam Dunk pickaxe at 800 V-bucks.

The remaining three skins are the Asmodeus skin, the Callisto skin (both at 1200 V-bucks), and Hard Charger skin at 800 V-bucks. Related featured items are the Foul Play pickaxes and the Batso glider.

In terms of emotes, one of my favorites, the Squat Kick emote is available at 800 V-bucks along with the Extraterrestrial emote at 500 V-bucks. If you are looking for a pay to win emote, I definitely recommend the Squat Kick emote, which has one of the most mobile elements to its name.

That’s the shop for today if you found something you like make sure to hit the shop soon. For those who did not, make sure to save your V-bucks for the Halloween skins that will arrive soon.