Skill-Based Matchmaking: Fortnite Community’s Newest Concern


With the sudden implementation of skill-based matchmaking into Fortnite’s solo gameplay, EPIC has received a lot of complaints surrounding its structural integrity.

Since the beginning of Fortnite, 100-player lobbies have been filled by a wide range of players coming from different levels of play. They ranged from newbies, casual players, regulars, all the way up to pro players. All of which could end up matchmaking into the same game. However, now those times have changed, at least for solo gameplay at the moment and duos in the near future.

Epic developers have introduced skill-based matchmaking that matches similar skill players together, based on an algorithm that has yet to be released. One would assume it is based on the number of kills and wins in a season or perhaps over the life of Fortnite. This change seeks to protect new and casual players from the wrath of pros and dedicated players like myself.

However as always, with new changes in Fortnite, new complaints have arisen, to which Epic has taken notice to…

"So far, we’ve rolled out the new matchmaking system to select regions for Solo mode, and Duos is expected to arrive later this week.With the rollout, we’ve seen a lot of discussion about potentially unfair competitive advantages from pooling players together across platforms and input devices. The new matchmaking system, however, accounts for various skill levels across different platforms and control inputs, and groups players of similar skill levels together.Our goal with the new matchmaking system is to create fairer matches for all of our players, which includes special considerations for each platform. This means that where similar skill exists, players may be paired against opponents from ALL platforms — whether they’re using mouse + keyboard, a controller, or touch input. We are closely monitoring match analytics and your feedback, and we’ll make adjustments to ensure everyone is playing a fair match."

From an outsider’s point of view or a newer player’s perspective, this change seems fair. Epic are isolating the lower-level players from the high-level players to give them time to grow, develop, and obtain a Victory Royale. For this side of the spectrum, I agree that this makes sense.

However, from regular players’ perspectives to the pros this change is causing problems. With this change, higher-level players and even casual players have to up their game. They have removed the element of fun by isolating groups based on level. There is no running into a noob anymore. Now, these players expect to face people of their same level, which creates a more competitive lobby than in the past, similar to the Arena modes. Even pro player FaZe Thiefs finds that skill-based matchmaking takes the fun out of public lobbies and creates an Arena type mode.

Not only will this affect the upper-level players more, now it can affect everyone with the other ‘small’ change. Instead of matchmaking only with console players for example, now you match with PC players and mobile players based on level. Imagine doing well on a phone only to be promoted into a majority PC lobby, well that’s not fair. Even the gap between console and PC is large due to FPS differences and processing speeds.

With these changes obviously some groups have benefitted and others have been harmed in a way. What is your point of view on the matter? Should we have skill-based matchmaking or is it time to REVERT!?