Fortnite: What You Need To Know NOW About The New Medal Punchcard

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With the introduction of Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 1, a new Medal Punchcard system has been introduced into the game. In order to progress through the Battle Pass, Epic has created an easier way to level up throughout the season.

With the introduction of the latest, new and improved Fortnite, there has been a major overhaul to the way players level up the Battle Pass. A new medal punchcard system has been introduced in the place of daily missions and is an additional way to earn XP this season.

The Battle Pass no longer has tiers, which were different from levels in the previous Chapter of Fortnite. The tiers and levels have all been integrated into one streamlined level system in Chapter 2. This is a much easier system to keep track of your progress in the game.

XP is needed to move from one level to another in Fortnite, 80,000 XP per level to be exact. If you purchased the Battle Pass, you will have 100 different levels to move through to obtain all of the rewards provided in the game. This includes 1,500 V-Bucks that can be collected throughout the progression of the Battle Pass.

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Typically, Epic saves some of the best rewards for the higher levels, so it is worth completing all 100 levels in the game. In fact, the most challenging skin can’t be collected until all 100 levels of the Battle Pass have been completed. (To note, Epic has said this season you can move beyond level 100, and they encouraged players to show off just how high of a level they could achieve this season.)

XP is earned by playing games. You can earn XP in Solo, Duo, & Squad matches and also in Team Rumble. During a typical match, XP can be earned in a variety of ways such as eliminations, head shots, outlasting other players, and searching chests and ammo boxes.

An old and familiar way that players can also earn XP is by completing the weekly challenge missions available in the game. These can be found under the Challenges tab on the game’s home screen. So far this season, only the New World and Open Water missions have been released.

Throughout the season there will be nine missions in total to complete, and each mission contains10 objectives. Therefore, with each objective being worth 14,000 XP, then each mission challenge is worth 140,000 XP (14,000 XP multiplied by the 10 objectives in each mission). That means that each mission challenge is worth almost two complete levels in the season.

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They are definitely worth completing if you have the time. As mentioned, there are nine challenges, but that does not include any overtime challenges added later by Epic Games. They are infamous for doing towards the end of the season. A new challenge opens every seven days, and they are spread out through the entire season.

There are new ways to earn XP this season that include upgrading a weapon, Early Bird (the first player to pick up a legendary weapon), Sniper Specialist (200 sniper damage in single match), and Shotgun Specialist (250 shotgun damage in single match) just to name a few. The list goes on an on.

In addition to the above mentioned methods of obtaining XP, Epic has introduced a new method to gain XP this season in the form of medals and a Medal Punchcard. For those players who aren’t as skilled as others, the new Medal Punchcard system will help you level up faster by introducing additional method  to earn and collect XP while playing matches.

Each player’s Medal Punchcard refreshes daily and is worth a total of 24,000 XP each day. (There are 10 medals on your punchcard with eight medals being worth 2,000 XP while the remaining two, the 5th and 10th, medals are worth 4,000 XP.) Medals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the medal reported thus far by players include but are not limited to the following:

  • Scavenger Medal – Search 3/7/10 chests, Llamas, or Supply Drops
  • Battle Medal – Achieve 1/4/8 eliminations per match
  • Survivor Medal – Outlast opponents to achieve top 10/25/50 players remaining
  • Sniper Medal – Achieve sniper eliminations from at least 100 m or longer
  • First Match Medal – Play your first match of the day
  • Fishing Medal – Be the first player in the match to catch a fish
  • Teamwork Medal – Assisting teammates with eliminations

Once a medal is achieved, you can earn the same medal again and at a different value on the same punchcard. This is an “upgraded” medal, and they come in the form of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. For example, if you earn a medal for opening one chest, you can earn another medal for opening three chests and so on. This is a great system for all players with varying skill sets across the board.

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With a limited amount of time to collect the supercharged XP, make the best of your time weekend. The more XP equals the more levels that are opened up which means more rewards to use in the game. Have fun and see you on the battlefield.