Fortnite: An Open Letter To Epic Games, Please Read Me!

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This is my open letter to Epic Games in response to the live event and rocket launch that occurred on Sunday, October 13th at 2 PM EDT. These opinions are those of my own and do not reflect those thoughts and views of Forever Fortnite.

Staring at a black hole on your TV screen or PC monitor is no fun. Trust me, that’s all I have been doing for the last 24 hours, that and reading my Twitter feed for Fortnite updates from popular leaker @iFireMonkey. What choice do I have? My favorite video game just trolled me (and the entire world) and has left me all alone. I feel like I am in mourning.

Just an hour or so ago, the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 trailer was leaked for the entire world to see. As I watched the trailer, I realized my heart was filled with joy. The thoughts of knocking enemies from my new boat, or swimming to get away from the storm, and jumping out of a dumpster with the ultimate surprise attack all brought back the joy to my heart that was missing for the last day.

Here’s the problem, Epic Games. Once that brief rush of pure joy was over, I was back to pouting all over again about staring at the most infamous black hole in video game history. Sure, I am constantly grabbing my phone to read about any updates or speculations about when my life will go back to normal again, but that’s just not the same as playing at the new POIs Slurpy Swamp or Beachy Bluffs. Let’s be brutally honest.

I must make a confession to you. I am a Fortnite unicorn. I am female gamer, and to boot, I am a female beyond my teen years. Although I can proudly profess to be a gamer all of my life, that life is certainly longer than the average Fortnite demographic. This all adds up to me being a rare breed in my video game/fantasy world.

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As I sit here thinking about how this unicorn is feeling, I can’t even imagine what 10 year-old little Timmy is feeling after his favorite game was suddenly ripped away from him when he was actually expecting new and exciting things from you. How cruel Epic Games! How cruel!

What this lesson has taught me is that there is life Before Fortnite (BF), and there is left After Fortnite (AF). All of my video game memories could now be categorized as BF and AF. That is how much if an impact your game has had on my life. Life will never be the same after Fortnite.

Sure I read the articles about your game being as addictive as crack and just laughed it off to people not understanding the gaming world. But now that my game is gone, and I can no longer play, I am starting to realize I may actually experiencing real withdrawal symptoms. I am restless, easily agitated, have insomnia, and have a loss of interest or pleasure in activities. Fortnite, what have you done to me?

I will now beg of you to please come back into my life. I need a Slurp Splash from my duo’s partner, I need to knock an enemy, I need to search some chests to find some shield and a blue tac. Is this too much to ask for today? After all the money I have given you for emotes, gliders, and skins that are for cosmetic purposes only and provide no competitive advantage in the game.

Tactical Shotgun. Epic Games

That is the least you can do for me and the entire Fortnite community. You have proved your point. We get it. We will never take your for granted again. We will always remember when you were taken away from us for not appreciating you enough, and we will never do this again.

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I need my life to go back to normal. I need to play Fortnite. Please, Epic, please. Come back to us!