Fortnite: New Ruby Skin Highlights Today’s Item Shop 10/06/19

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October the 6th, yet another new skin added to Fortnite, the Ruby skin. In addition, the Overtaker and Whiteout skins make their return to the item shop. Perhaps the two lowest key skins, the Pathfinder and Ranger reappear for a limited time. The emote sector is highlighted by Signature Shuffle, Work It, and Bouncer.

Epic Games /

Another new skin, Ruby, has hit the market today coming in at a solid 1200 V-Bucks as part of the street stripes set. Included with this sleek skin is a back bling called Red Alert. The back bling was given a red camouflage pattern and color to match the ruby color tones. This skin is definitely ranked as a strong buy considering the uniqueness of the base character, the sleek design, and small size in comparison to male skins (for competitive players).

To pair with this skin and back bling, Fortnite has created a pickaxe and glider combination, called Stripe Slicer and Sky Stripe respectively. Each of these items coming in at 500 V-Bucks. To walk away with this whole set, you will only be set back 1700 V-Bucks, a value deal in today’s Fortnite market.

Returning back into the shop, 34 days in the making, the Overtaker and Whiteout skins highlight the most expensive items in the shop, with a price tag of 1500 V-Bucks. These snow-white skins include a back bling, of a backpack along with a samurai-style sword overlaying the bag.

Perhaps the most underrated skins in the shop would be the Pathfinder and Ranger skins. These skins have waited a long 220 days and 163 days respectively to return to the shop. If you’re looking for rare skins, this is your opportunity. The Ranger skin first debuted in the shop, October 31st, with the OG Ghoul Trooper and Skull Trooper! As far as the Pathfinder skin it has made 12 appearances in the shop and is quite a generic skin. Moreover, I would go with the Ranger skin in this case.

As far as emotes, they have reintroduced my personal favorite, the Signature Shuffle at 800 V-Bucks. In addition, they added the Work It and Bounce emotes to the shop to fill the gaps at a mere 500 V-Bucks a piece.

Fortnite seems to be on a roll lately with new skins, hopefully it stays that way! What are your thoughts or ideas of what should be added to Fortnite?