New Fortnite Leak May Confirm Return of Old Locations


Fortnite has already brought back one old location in the form of Dusty Depot and a new leak may have shown players that we could be getting some more old locations in a short time again here in Season 10.

Just a little bit ago, we wrote about the possibility of old locations returning to the map in Season 10 and a new leak from data-miners may have proved us right.

Data-miners @Hypex and @xkleinmikex dove into old files prior to Season 10 and found five locations that could be returning in a very short time in Season 10 along with Dusty Depot.

To start off, the first they found was Greasy Grove, home of our old pal the Durrr Burger, and it has been under the ice left behind from the Ice King for a few seasons now and the return of the area would likely change everything else along with the area and the snow surrounding it.

Greasy Grove leak. @HypeX
Greasy Grove leak. @HypeX /
Greasy Grove. Epic Games
Greasy Grove. Epic Games /

Anarchy Acres would follow as the next location the duo found and OG Fortnite players will remember the location for being a fun fighting spot despite having little to no loot at the beginning of games but the introduction of vending machines and other forms of gaining loot could fix this problem pretty easily and allow Epic Games and Fortnite to make the location better the second-time around.

Anarchy Acres leak. @HypeX
Anarchy Acres leak. @HypeX /
Anarchy Acres. Epic Games
Anarchy Acres. Epic Games /

Everyone remember a unique location that played a major role in the superhero season? Well Moisty Mire appears to be making a return soon as well and the swamp area used to inhabit what is now Paradise Palms and taking out that entire area would definitely be a change to players in Season 10. There is also the possibility of keeping Paradise Palms in some shape or form, maybe a place known as Moisty Palms.

Moisty Mire leak. @HypeX
Moisty Mire leak. @HypeX /
Moisty Mire. Epic Games
Moisty Mire. Epic Games /

A few seasons ago when the volcano was entered into the map, we lost another fan favorite in the form of our beloved movie theatre Risky Reels and it appears it could be making a return as well with details from this leak. The current area closest to where Risky Reels was is likely Lazy Lagoon and seeing that location and Risky Reels merge would make for an interesting combo.

Risky Reels leak. @HypeX
Risky Reels leak. @HypeX /
Risky Reels. Epic Games
Risky Reels. Epic Games /

Finally, another location we saw in the past leaks and possible info from on-map clues is the return of Flush Factory, a toilet factory that we haven’t see in quite some time. It was always away from the middle of the bus route and map and usually made for a solid starting location for players who enjoyed slower games and the area had pretty solid loot as well. The return of this area would mean we’d probably have no more snow on the map at all anymore.

Flush leak. @xkleinmikex
Flush leak. @xkleinmikex /
Flush Factory. Epic Games
Flush Factory. Epic Games /

If and when these locations return, it will surely excite players and bring an interesting dynamic to having both old and new locations in the map at the same time. Bringing the island together across several seasons will surely add a unique feel to the game and make Battle Royale just that much more fun.