Past Locations Are Slowly Returning to Fortnite Season 10


Fortnite’s Season 10 seems to be leaning heavily towards the idea of time travel and if you put on your detective hat and get you magnifying glass, you can notice that some locations are returning slowly onto the island. What could all of this mean for the near future of the island?

Fortnite has always played around with it’s map, from sending meteorites to destroy the map and an Ice King going nuts and creating a Winter Wonderland.

As for now, the map has seen the return of one old location in the form of Dusty Depot despite the fact that Fortnite placed a massive meteorite above the location.

The idea of more past locations returning to the island is not out of the ordinary and a Reddit user by the name of TheBoy-Wonderful posted a screenshot from his time in the game which showed some old relics hiding amongst current locations in the map.

"Things are slowly returning from FortNiteBR"

At first glance, these areas are all relatively far away from each other but each are noticeable to even the most casual player.

In the top left, we see what looks to be the trees from an old place named Moisty Mire, which was a swamp-like area that inhabited a decent portion of the map and a movie production set from the superhero season.

The top right also hints at an old friend of ours in the form of Flush Factory, an old toilet manufacturer that used to have some pretty awesome loot and make for a very cool landing spot away from the middle of the map.

The bottom left hints at the return of the theatre area which was also wrecked by the meteorites and eventually wiped out and used in a teaser a few seasons ago.

Finally, the bottom right sends our minds back to the old Moai Head which saw plenty of stone heads placed around the map with chests surrounding them and tons of brick building materials.

Greasy Grove is another place that has been teased to return and it was also reported in the comments under this post that someone found hints that we could see the golf course return as well.

This possibility of old locations returning once again is not an un-ordinary idea for Epic Games and Fortnite. Players love some of the new areas but bringing back the good times would not be a bad idea to possibly bring back some of the old crowd that may have left with the slew of map changes.

The Visitor’s capsule is also in the meteorite and could mean he is somewhere on the map, so maybe the evil superhero’s lair could make a return as well. Plenty can come out of this post but with Season 10 just beginning it will be something we as players will have to pay close attention to once the season gets deeper.

What locations would you like to see make a return to the island in Season 10?