Neo Tilted Has Become Tilted Town and It Changes Everything


Season 10 and time travel have become best friends in Season 10 and with that friendship has come the change of Neo Tilted to Tilted Town, making the once futuristic city into a Wild West area. This changes everything with how the map could change throughout Season 10.

Neo Titled is no more and has now become something brand new but taken a huge step back in time.

Neo Tilted is now known as Tilted Town and has transformed from a futuristic city ahead of everyone else to a western town that took a huge step backwards with the energy orb and its energy changing everything around the map.

Titled has seen many changes throughout Fortnite Battle Royale’s history but this one may be the craziest. Why? Because one interesting note of information regarding the area is that you cannot build in this area as it is rendered “illegal” with the no-building signs spread all throughout the city and its outskirts.

Many players have theorized ways to build in the area and a top Reddit post suggested no building could see tons of third-party eliminations from surrounding areas via sniper rifle and other long range weapons.

"Tilted Town disabled farming and building. How many people are gonna sit on top of the mountains and 3rd party everybody in this area? from FortNiteBR"

You also cannot farm materials in the area either, making the destination a hot spot for players who are more into fighting rather than building. Eliminations will run rampant early on because new areas mean tons of players will head there so be prepared if you decide to hop into the new area right away.

This map change indicates that we could see weekly changes to the map and that changes everything from what we think we have seen over the last couple of days and new and old locations could continue to pop up throughout the map.

We hinted at old locations returning to Fortnite in a prior story and with this change to Neo Tilted, this could continue to be something to moderate over time as we could see the return of Flush Factory, the Movie Theatre and other former popular areas due to the rift above Tilted Town having fairly similar comparisons to the rift we saw in Season 4 when the Visitor launched the rocket into the skies.

"The rift above Tilted right now looks the same as a part of the old giant rift from S4 from FortNiteBR"

Time travel again is obviously the theme of Season 10 and with so many call-backs from past seasons it is truly hard to know what Fortnite and Epic Games will do on a daily and weekly basis. Whatever they do choose to do though will likely hype every player and make the game just that much more unpredictable with the weekly challenges throughout the season.

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