With The Mech Bear’s Victory, We Ask, What’s Next?


Fortnite’s in-game event which featured a one-eyed monster and a mechanical bear battling it out in a battle for the ages lived up to the hype. After the mechanical bear’s victory, what comes next for Fortnite with Season 10 looming on the horizon?

A few days ago, we explored what Cattus v. Doggus could mean for Season 10. After an epic battle between two giants, we have some answers with Doggus coming out as the victor, but plenty of unanswered questions in terms of Fortnite’s plans for Season 10, which is slated to start on July 31.

For starters, here is the event in its entirety from Youtube creator FanByte.

The battle itself was about five minutes long with a WWE-like change of pace going on throughout as the monster and mech both had opportunities to win and moments where the battle seemed over.

Despite these two giants creating chaos in mostly Loot Lake and Neo Tilted, much of the map remained in tact despite slamming each other into the ground, shooting rockets and breathing fire.

Fornite did an amazing job with this event, disabling weapons and giving an unlimited jet pack to players to prevent any sort of complications for those who wanted to see the event.

The fight ended when the mech grabbed a sword out of Neo Titled, thrusting it into the monster’s skull and making him dust away in perfect Thanos snap fashion, leaving the sword engraved in the ground along with the remains of the monster.

Following the victory, the mech took to the skies after a one-armed floss and salute, leaving the remains behind.

The map did see some changes but not as many as you would think, but they are still important changes.

First, Polar Peak is now officially gone. The monster had already destroyed part of the area when it grew from the mountain and took the main castle with it, but the mech fully destroyed the area with its rocket barrage early on in the fight.

Secondly, the sword and the monster’s remains are in the map. The carnage is just outside of Neo Tilted and Loot Lake and contains weapons and loot chests for now but there is no telling if it will remain when Season 10 comes. If it does that would be an interesting touch by leaving the remains of such an epic battle forever but in all likelihood the sword and bones will be removed as a new theme enters.

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Last and certainly not least, an energy orb, which was used by the mech to push the monster back near the end of the battle, is just chilling in the middle of Loot Lake. For the time being, the orb just makes players float, much like the time when the mech was in Pressure Plant, but there must be a use for it to be in the game to transition from Season 9 to Season 10, much like when Fortnite used rifts for a season-shift change.

In The Final Showdown, we entered hoping for answers, but we really do not have any. The map changes and minimal destruction left by the giants will likely impact players for the upcoming week and that’s about it. Fortnite usually plays close to the chest when releasing themes for each season and Season 10 seems to have no clear direction that it’s headed.

Many expected much more chaos from the fight and without it comes many more questions. One major question for myself is “What exactly will the energy orb do?” The orb would not just be left on the map for laughs and giggles. Epic Games has something up their sleeve and we surely will find out as more info on Season 10 releases.

For now, we can theorize once more on what Season 10 will bring and with that, I ask you what you think is to come in Season 10. Congrats to Doggus on his victory and travels throughout the galaxy. We salute you. #TeamMech