Fortnite: Secret Domentos, 7 others secure spot in World Cup Finals

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On Sunday, April 28th the Online Finals to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup took place. 8 players from Europe secured their spot in the solo competition.

The Fortnite World Cup will take place in New York City from July 26-28, competing will be 100 of the best solo/duo players in the entire world. Each week leading up to the event, Epic Games is hosting weekly online qualifiers to see who advances to the Grand Finals. Not even half of the field have secured a spot, however, in week 3 saw 8 players from the European region advance to compete for top spot of the $30 million prize pool.

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The following eight players qualified:

  1. Luki TJK
  2. Cooler Lefteye
  3. Fledermoys
  4. Tchub_
  5. TTVCoreGamingg
  6. Wakie
  7. Fact LOLBloom
  8. Secret Domentos

For the general fan of competitive Fortnite, most of these players are unknowns as they are currently free agents yet to be signed to big name organizations. But, just because a player is not signed does not mean they are a fantastic player. Generally, if a player does qualify for the World Cup, they should put off signing to a new team, that way their new organization does not take a percentage of the prize pool.

The more popular, well known players such as Secret Mongraal, MrSavageM, and Atlantis Mitro still have yet to qualify for the solo events, despite all qualifying for the duo portion of the World Cup. With many more qualification spots left to grab, it is highly unlikely that at least one of, if not all three will end up qualifying for New York in the solo events.

What did you think of Week 3 in the European region? Were you excited to see some of the lesser known players advance to the World Cup?