Fortnite: Reboot Vans taken out of competitive play

Epic Games
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Originally added as a thirst saving feature, the reboot vans may have been a little overpowered in competitive play, thus Epic Games decision to take them out of all future events for the foreseeable future.

When the reboot vans were first added two weeks ago in v8.30, many casual players loved the idea that if your friend got eliminated by an enemy team, you could wipe up the remaining enemies and revive your teammate to finish the game. This idea is brilliant, but only in public matches.

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In competitive play, this strategy changes. If a team eliminated one of the other players, they would be rewarded one point for the kill. They would then allow the teammate to grab their reboot card, head to the van, and bring them back into the game. The original team would then eliminate the duo once and for all from the game. In this scenario, the duo that first eliminated the player would have been rewarded 3 points instead of 2.

Outside of the Arena mode, we will likely never see the implementation of the reboot vans in competitive mode. With the upcoming Fortnite World Cup, and the bi-weekly qualifiers for duo events where the reboot vans would have been used, it is highly doubtful Epic Games adds them back in during later weeks. However, as we all know Epic is no stranger to making game changing additions that change the meta of the game days before a huge tournament.

What do you think of the decision to take reboot vans out of competitive play, is it good or bad for future duo events? Let us know what you think in the comments below.