Fortnite: Gifting is back, for a limited time

Epic Games
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The ever so popular gifting feature has made its way back to the Fortnite game, making plenty of players happy.

Last summer, Epic Games had revealed that a gifting feature was coming to Fortnite. It took them about 3 months to finally put the highly wanted feature in the game, after many thousands of requests from players.

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In v6.31, Gifting was added for all platforms except for IOS, which meant that iPhone users could not gift their friends skins if they wanted them. Being able to gift skins only la ted a little longer than a week, as the gifting ability was taken away in the first week of December.

How do you gift a skin to a friend? Let us break that down for you.

  1. Go to the item shop and choose which skin you would like to gift.
  2. Press that button that reads “buy as a gift”
  3. Choose which friends you would like to receive item chosen
  4. Enter personal message to your friend, example: “you’re welcome!”

On Wednesday, April 3rd Fortnite’s twitter account tweeted

This came as a big surprise to many of the top players. Everyone that after gifting seemed to be broken after the last go around, it figured to be awhile before it was brought back to the game remastered and fixed to perfection.

Could this be Epic Games’ way of getting the attention off the hamster ball problem that currently is causing havoc in competitive end games, or the fact they took away the siphon settings in public matches that angered close to every player.