Fortnite: Team Secret add Fuzzy, VapeJesus to roster

Team Secret Twitter
Team Secret Twitter /

Previously landlocked to the continent of Europe, Team Secret has decided to add two NA players, Fuzzy and VapeJesus.

If you have followed competitive Fortnite since the very beginning, then you know of Team Secret’s not so secret weapon, Mongraal. The currently 14 year old, up until the announcement of the Fortnite World Cup had been ineligible to participate in any Epic Games events.

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Team Secret has one of the best Fortnite rosters across the entire world, as they have 4 players who can finish in the top 10 during any solo/duo events. Now the have decided to sign two NA players, Fuzzy and VapeJesus.

VapeJesus first burst onto the scene during PaxWest where fans fell in love with him because he wore a mask while he was playing in the solo event. He would place 72nd in that event.

In the recent weeks, Fuzzy and Vape have been playing as a duo more often. They played in the Share the Love Event, where they placed top 60 duos. They also participated in the recent Guantlet where they placed in the top 200 NAeast.

With the additions of these two to Team Secret’s roster, they have two more additional players who can potentially take the throne as duo champions come July. There are still 3 months to go, we very well could see Secret sign even more players over the next few months.

Are you excited to see what Fuzzy and VapeJesus can do under the Team Secret umbrella? We know we are!