Why you should give the Fortnite bush another chance

Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press /

Ah, the legendary bush item. Most Fortnite players have had a love/hate relationship with the bush since its launch about a year and a half ago. While it does provide camouflage, this camouflage only applies in natural areas, and can actually make the wearer even easier to spot when they’re moving. Despite this, the bush remains a worthy pickup!

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Let’s first note that the Fortnite bush was buffed very recently, allowing the wearer to see himself/herself and to see through the bush. Previously, the greenery got in the way and made it difficult to see enemies and even aim your weapon. Additionally, the bush will no longer be removed when the wearer takes fall damage, and it can also withstand one instance of incoming weapon damage before it’s removed. This gives the player an additional chance to escape and re-hide, if they’re quick enough!

More than its combat effectiveness, the Fortnite bush is simply a joy to use. There’s nothing in the game quite like the feeling of sitting in plain sight and watching opponents while they go about their business. Be sure to position yourself and crouch before anyone sees you so that you can sit around undetected. Then, when the time is right, BAM! They get a surprise rocket in the face. With clever use of the camouflage, the bush can save your life and end those of your opponents.

It may seem like the bush isn’t popular – how many players do you see running around with bushes on? Almost none, and that’s because the bush is so effective! If you saw everyone with one, it would be rather useless. How many enemies do you think you’ve run past when you don’t bother to check every nearby bush? That could be you in that bush, quietly laughing at the oblivious squad that runs past you!

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With the positive new changes and the pure happiness that it brings, the bush should be given a second chance by every Fortnite player. Don’t forget how useful it can be!