Courage Raging in Fortnite live on stream! Hilarious!

Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press /

Luckily as of yesterday, the Fortnite Infinity Blade was vaulted by Epic Games and thus, will no longer be in play. However, this twitch clip of Courage raging because he gets killed by it will never get old.

The Blade infuriated many people within the community, especially pro players, and top-tier entertainer Jack “Courage” Dunlop clearly wasn’t able to take it anymore. With some obvious built-up anger, Courage hilariously rages and begins to clap and clap and then clap some more after he gets killed by a player using the blade with only 3 left.

The best part is, the player had 14 kills after killing Courage and most likely got all of those kills with the Infinity Blade.

It’s about time the infinity blade was finally removed, but I don’t think it will be gone forever.

Fornite mentioned that the item was vaulted, but they do still plan to go in a direction towards the addition of mythic items, which will ultimately cause huge stir-ups within the pro level of Fortnite and lead to more of Courage raging.

The Initial Addition of the Infinity Blade. dark. Next

As mentioned, Fortnite will re-evaluate their approach to adding mythic items, but this time they will most likely add hard counters to not make them overpowered. This brings me to believe that the counters they add in along with the mythic items may end up being overpowered as well, but I trust Epic Games will be very careful this time around.

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