Streamer Spotlight: SypherPK


The global success of Fortnite can be boiled down to two things: a development team that is always working on improving the game, and a huge online community that involves streamers  such as SypherPK on Twitch and YouTube bringing publicity to the game. 

It’s a story that is similar to Minecraft; a devoted developer and content creators highlighting the skill and crazy feats the game allows them to do. In this series, we will profile one streamer and show you why they’re so good at the game.

Who is SypherPK?

He is a streamer based out in Austin, Tx. who began his online career making YouTube montages of Runescape. SypherPK quickly fell in love with highly competitive online games such as Elder Scrolls Online and For Honor, and is currently playing Fortnite Battle Royale at the top level as a member of Luminosity Gaming.
As you can see from the Fornite tracker, he is almost at 3,000 wins (at the time of writing) with over 50,000 kills.

When and where can I watch him?

SypherPK streams each day at 7am (US Central Time) live on and also uploads highlights onto his YouTube channel. One of the draws about him is that not only is he entertaining but he will teach you so much about the game. He provides in-depth commentary on what he is doing, tactics he uses and even has a ‘How To Win’ series giving wonderful insight on strategies, play styles and weapons to use. Take some notes from him on how to consistently do well in build battles and clutch moments. Be careful though, he makes it look a lot easier than it is. In the meantime the latest meta has been explained here.

On the more entertaining side, he also has tongue in cheek videos where he spectates other players and comments on what their techniques as if they’re a pro. As a family friendly streamer, he occasionally plays random duos and ends up teaming with young kids which can be pretty fun to watch. Below is an exaple.

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Professional Winnings

This summer, Epic introduced the Summer Skirmish for the top level Fornite players. The format is a weekly tournament of varying gamestyles and rules where points are earned for eliminations and victory royales. In the most recent North American leg of the the competition on August 17th, SypherPK teamed up with Nickmercs to win $30,000 in prize money after a slow start of zero kills in their first three games.

Whether you want to learn more about the ever changing game of Fortnite or be entertained by a highly talented player, SypherPK is a great streamer to follow.