Fortnite Battle Royale: Why you should drop Lonely Lodge


Today, we will take a closer look at why dropping Lonely Lodge could be that next go-to location that leads to victories in Fortnite Battle Royale. Here is why Lonely is a great place to land.

If you haven’t been to the camping area on the far eastern part of the Fortnite island, you don’t have any idea what this destination is all about. Located under the cover of thick trees and with cabins large and small spawling across this hilly area, Lonely Lodge should be considered one of the best ‘lowkey’ places to go out of the Battle Bus.

With a sizeable two-story lodge and a huge watchtower that features great loot and an even better view of the Battle Royale map, here is why you drop into Lonely.

Why it is good to drop Lonely Lodge

As I mentioned, the loot at the Lodge is good considering where it is. Just 100 meters or so from the coast, there are several places to not only hide, but get plenty of materials, shield, and solid weapons to jump into the fight.

The main lodge offers several floor drops and at least one and sometimes two chests. In the area are more chest spawns in the small cabins and plenty of shield mushrooms to pick up and use.

Moving south towards the watchtower provides not only a good vantage point of the entire map, but even more loot and several lowkey locations nearby. The mansion is never a bad place to stop by in a duo in search of a little more shield or ammo.

Go inland and you find the RV park with plenty of wood to gather and usually featuring a solid amount of loot.

It is safe to say that of all the named locales in the game, Lonely Lodge is within close proximity to a lot of things, including rifts. Plus, with the campground almost completely backed up to the ocean, it is a good place if you are afraid of getting flanked.

Why you shouldn’t drop Lonely Lodge

Although I do enjoy going to Lonely when playing anything but solos, it seems that Epic Games may have tweaked the location just a tad recently. Early on in season four and late in season three, it seemed like no one had considered jumping out of the Battle Bus and landing in Lonely.

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Now that it is getting more and more popular, it seems to me like the developers have nerfed the quality and amount of the loot that spawns in.

While there are plenty of shield mushrooms, it is often pretty tough to find enough shield that drops naturally around the cabins and on the ground.

This goes along with the level of difficulty when trying to fight another team. There are so many trees, small cabins, and overlooks that it is easy to get caught out of position and shot in the back.

Try to stay away from the river that runs just past the cabin closer to the coast as it is the lowest point of the area. Try to stay on the roofs or farm up enough material to get yourself out of dodge quickly.

Where do the chests spawn in Lonely Lodge?

As I mentioned, the chests spawn all over the area and you can expect to find at least five and usually more. Don’t forget to check the lower part of the cave and the top as there is usually a chest waiting up there with some materials.

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Overall grade for Lonely Lodge

This is a good place to drop in Fortnite for a certain type of player. If you like early game gunfights, and some solid loot while staying away from the center of the map, don’t hesitate to try this campground out next when you play.

It’s obviously not the most flashy landing spot and should only be the spot when the bus isn’t too far away.

If you are looking for a fun, relatively quiet area that creates some intense team battles and one-on-ones, this is the place for you.

Grade: B

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Stay tuned to Forever Fortnite for more Fortnite: Battle Royale news and opinions and follow us on Twitter @FSFortnite for everything Fortnite related.