Fortnite Battle Royale: Patch v5.21 introduces brand new heavy sniper


Halfway through the current season, Epic Games released a new patch introducing another weapon. The Fortnite Battle Royale META continues to change and the heavy sniper could play a huge part in another shift.

When you think of sniper rifles, you think of precision and power. Specifically, with the bolt-action that seems to be favored over the semi-auto. Unless you’re one of those Fortnite veterans rocking the hunting rifle.

Either way, having range is a great way to swing momentum in your favor during a fight. Personally, I’d much rather have a grenade launcher with the current build META. Recently, Epic Games has given their community a range of close combat weapons.

First, it was the regular SMG which put an end to the tactical. A weapon that dropped both rare and epic, became a follow-up to a shotgun. Of course, the game changes, forcing players to find other combinations to squeeze out Victory Royales.

Next up would be the double barrel shotgun. Obviously, this is not going to give you much damage when used at medium range. Like the SMG, it’s meant for close quarter fighting and lays something fierce into whoever is at the opposite end of the barrel.

All we need is for Epic to figure out the bloom when it comes to shotguns. Plenty of time to fix an issue that thousands of players have pointed out.


So, what else is sitting on the Island waiting to be looted? According to, the anticipated heavy sniper has arrived via the v5.21 patch.

What stood out right away is the damage the heavy sniper is capable of doing to structures. To players, 150/157 and 1050/1100 to buildings, including a timely reload similar to the double barrel, not as long as the LMG.

In a duo game with a friend of mine, I built a single brick wall that would only disappear after taking one shot from the epic heavy sniper rifle. We were in awe.

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Later on, we came across multiple teams fighting on the edge of Tilted Towers/Loot Lake and between Dusty Divot. Two shots ripped through a couple of walls, eventually leaving the enemy struggling to find a safe way out.

All it took was a single shot delivered by the new rifle to take them out. In addition to the high damage, the drop has been noted to be minimal compared to both the bolt-action and semi-auto.

If top-tier builders weren’t upset over the SMG META, which I’m sure they are, imagine how they’re feeling right now. No doubt, this gun will most likely receive a nerf within the next week or two depending on how outraged the community becomes.

Epic Games does a great job when it comes to adjusting their game based on the feedback they receive from those who invest time on a daily basis.


Making its return to Fortnite Battle Royale is none other than ‘Sniper Shootout’. How could they not bring this limited game mode back after patching the heavy sniper into the game? One minor change to the LTM involves the removal of the scoped assault rifles.

Moving forward, only sniper rifle weapons will drop in this game mode, as it should have been since the beginning. There’s nothing like running into someone using a revolver or hand cannon when you’re trying to hip fire or quick scope with a sniper.

To close the door on this section of the article, Epic Games has listed profile stats will be recorded in this mode. Meaning both kills, deaths, and wins. Most likely solo but would be nice if they added duo and or squad as options to increase the interest in this limited time mode.

Weekly Challenge Bug

There’s nothing more frustrating than grinding Fortnite Battle Royale challenges only to find out a bug is preventing you from earning battle stars. Two weeks ago, it was the golf and regular shopping carts being disabled, stopping players from jumping through flaming hoops.

Last week, one specific challenge involving damage via clingers, grenades, or stink bombs had an issue. At first, grenades did not count and while stink bombs worked, they do very little damage unless you manage to box someone in to get as much in as possible.

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Thankfully, the issue has been resolved and those who are still looking to get last week’s challenges done, now have the ability to do just that. Remember, a fresh week of challenges will be released tomorrow morning.

We’ll have more details regarding the new week that will include hints and tips on how to get through them without losing your hair. Unless you’re already bald, then you have nothing to worry about.

How are you liking the heavy sniper rifle so far?

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