Fortnite Battle Royale: Why you should drop at Haunted Hills

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Welcome to a new series here on Forever Fortnite where we will be taking a closer look at each named location in Battle Royale and explaining why you should land there. Today, we’re dropping at the spooky Haunted Hills.

Haunted Hills used to be your go-to landing location then a couple weeks of battle pass challenges in the area showed off it’s potential and now if the battle bus is anywhere near it, you won’t be alone.

Haunted Hills is packed with chests and nestled safely behind a mountain at the edge of the map where you can loot freely until it’s time to move in. Here is the full breakdown of the Hills.

Why is it good to drop Haunted Hills?

Do you like opening chests? If you answered yes to this question then you’ll love Haunted Hills. The scary church/cemetery is packed with chests and loot spawns in a relatively small area that is easy to navigate.

Secondly, safety. Haunted Hills is situated directly in between a giant mountain and the ocean. You can immediately knock off those two directions knowing there are no enemies. There is nothing to the south of Haunted for a ways, so the only ther players you’ll have to deal with are those descending from Junk Junction.

Leaving Haunted, you are granted safety again as you travel in between two peaks (that are usually unmanned) into what’s left of Pleasant Park.

Why is it bad to drop Haunted Hills?

Much like every location at the edge of the map, Haunted Hills can mean a long run to the storm circle, depending on where it forms. Still, competent players or squads should be able to have the area cleared in time to move in to Pleasant Park and clean up whoever is left there.

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If you drop here with another squad or two, you want to be the ones to come out on top. It’s likely a trip from the battle bus and to travel that far just to die is never fun.

The closest location that is worth visiting is Pleasant Park and unless you are fast, it’s often completely looted by the time you get there. Quicker teams can get Haunted Cleared in time to rack-up eliminations to the unsuspecting players left in Pleasant.

Where do the chests spawn?

In just about every building. Running through Haunted, you’ll hear chests in every direction. They are all relatively close together so it is easy to hit multiple chests and fill your load out.

The area is small enough to be a great starting spot for a solo campaign but has enough loot to fill the loadouts of an entire squad. There are chests in most of the buildings, sometimes more than one.

Here is a map of the chest spawns at Haunted Hills.

Overall grade for Haunted Hills

Haunted’s biggest knock is it’s location, but given how open and easy it is to loot the area, there’s no reason players can’t load up with gear and get moving well before the storm even starts working it’s way in.

Haunted is still sneakily underrated. Most players are impatient and don’t want to make the trip out there unless they are forced to by a challenge. This is great for those who use the area often as it’s usually pretty well stocked.

Grade: B+

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