Fortnite Battle Royale: Why you should drop Paradise Palms

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Deemed by many as the “new Tilted Towers”, Paradise Palms is the new desert oasis city that Fortnite Battle Royale fans have come to love in season five. If you haven’t had the chance to land here yet, I would highly recommend it.

The new desert city is an incredible location to start a game. And many players have started to realize this and drop into the city with the nice modern houses, the high-rise building, and lovely pools.

Despite being on the far eastern side of the map – near the location of the prison and Wailing Wood – there are still plenty of reasons to drop in, get some good loot, and get in the fight quickly.

Why it is good to drop Paradise Palms

This is a great place to start a game in any game mode. With five houses scattered along the back side of the town, and a retail shop plus high-rise building in the front, chests and good floor loot are easy to come by.

The thing I like most about going here is not only the great loot that can be found seemingly everywhere, but the ample space between houses. One of the downsides to going into Tilted Towers is the congestion of the players and cramped streets.

Paradise does not have that problem in the slightest. The streets are impressively wide, and there are no high structures blocking lines of sight.

As I mentioned above, this is still a safe place to go despite being on the edge of the map. The desert is a great place to find rifts and move around the southeastern part of the map quickly

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Just outside of Paradise Palms, there is a carriage with two or three rifts usually around it. If opponents take those rifts or for some reason they don’t spawn in, it is always a good idea to go up the mountain just north of the city where there will be more rifts.

Why it is bad to drop Paradise Palms

It may be a bad idea to go here in a squads game because of how hot of a landing zone it will be.

While there is plenty of space for one squad to get looted up and move out, when there are three or even four squads here, it will be tough to get some quality guns and shields. If the circle is to the northwest, using a rift won’t be enough to get you to the circle, but, it will certainly help. Other than that, there is little reason to not want to go to Paradise.

Where do the chests spawn?

The chests spawn in nearly every house, the retail store, outside in the courtyard with the cactus, and in several places in the high-rise building. There are also chest spawns outside of the high-rise at the pool and outside in the street in one of the 18-wheelers and on top of an RV.

When you are ready to move out of the town, the rift spawns at the old carriage usually has a chest with it.

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Overall grade for Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms was a fantastic addition to the island and is probably the best place to go in the desert. There are plenty of places to find loot and the fighting in the town is spread out and is always fun.

If you haven’t considered going here yet, I would highly recommend it.

Grade: A

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