Fortnite Battle Royale: Why you should drop Tilted Towers

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Welcome to a new series here on Forever Fortnite where we will be taking a closer look at each named location in Battle Royale and explaining why you should land there. Over the next three weeks, we will be looking at some of the most popular landing spots, like Tilted Towers, to the not so popular, the shipping containers near Tomato Town. Without further delay, let’s get into it.

Tilted Towers is far by far one of the most popular named locations to land. If you are looking for an exciting solo game, lots of kills in duos or squads, or just want to change up the way you play, Tilted is the place to go.

We will take a closer look at why Tilted is the place to land by going through the pros, cons, chest spawn locations, and the overall grade of the location.

Why it is good to drop Tilted Towers

As I mentioned, Tilted is the place to go if you are looking for a high-kill, action-packed game. No matter what platform you play on, if you want to go to the Towers, expect to be joined by 20 to 25 opponents.

Going here is truly thrilling as you scramble to find a suitable gun, get some materials, and jump into the fight. The close-quarter, floor by floor action always causes mayhem and usually results in one or two of the bigger buildings being completely destroyed.

One of the best things about dropping here is its location on the map. It is located just south of Loot Late and basically smack dab in the middle of the island. So, if you can survive the crazy battle that takes place, you will be in a good spot to make it to the circle regardless of where it is.

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Why it is bad to drop Tilted Towers

The pros here are basically the same as the cons. If you aren’t an experienced player or struggle to kill enemies in close-quarters, Tilted Towers is not the right place for you.

Going here is stressful and players who are struggling to get those coveted Victory Royales should go to the outskirts of the map instead of here. But, then again, if you want to improve your building and aim, this would be a good place to go to get experience.

You might not want to drop Tilted if you are late off the bus or come in higher than other players. One of the keys when going here is the trajectory of the landing. The most important thing is not only which building you choose to go to, but how fast you can get to the ground.

Landing late will result in no guns, no time to get material, and immediate death.

Where do the chests spawn?

The better question for a location like Titled Towers is where do the chests not spawn? The answer is simple. Chests spawn in every building. So pick your poison and make sure you get lower than the other players and get to those chests first.

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Overall grade for Tilted Towers

Tilted quickly became the most popular landing spot for many players and completely changed the pace of each game and has made tournaments even more thrilling.

It is a fun place to land to get lots of kills and practice fighting large numbers of enemies in one small location, but if you are looking for wins, this might not be the place to go unless you are a skilled player.

Grade: A-

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