Fortnite: Here is how to find the secret Battle Pass star for Season five Week three

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

As we have seen for the last couple weeks of the Fortnite Battle Royale Battle Pass, after completing all seven of the weekly challenges, players will be rewarded with a secret battle star that will grant another tier. Here is how you find it!

Battle Pass owners will be looking to not only reach tier 100 as quickly as possible, but also complete the first seven weeks of challenges in order to unlock the ‘Road Trip’ skin. This unlockable is the follow up to the ‘Blockbuster’ skin from season four and will provide dedicated players with a cool skin to show off with.

But, season five is not all about getting the secret skin. It’s about getting to tier 100 and leveling up the Ragnarok sin as quickly as possible. So, this secret Battle Star will come in handy for those who are desperate to reach the top tier.

After completing all the challenges for this week, here is where you need to go to find the star. If you look closely at the ATK in the loading screen reward (the featured image of this article) there are coordinates on the license plate which detail where the star is located.

Thanks to the help of Dexerto, here is exactly where you need to go to find it.

The star appears to be right next to the treehouse on the edge of the map and should be pretty easy to get if you drop at the base, loot up, grab it, then get into the game. The hidden tier stars are truly hidden as I didn’t know they existed until just a week ago when I stumbled upon one on accident.

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So go out there and get those challenges done and pick up a free tier on the way! It’ll be well worth it.

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