The Fortnite first birthday celebration event takes place Tuesday

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

The guys over at Epic Games are coming to kill the creative side of Fortnite and will be hosting a special event in both Save the World and Battle Royale. Tomorrow, July 24th, the game will celebrate its first birthday. Here is what you should expect to see!

Starting tomorrow and running until August 7th, Fortnite fans are in for a treat. Announced just a few days ago, the event will feature special XP boosts, new cosmetic items to earn in BR and a special new character in the Save the World.

As if there weren’t enough items in the game to work towards, there will be even more added upon the release of update v5.1 early Tuesday. Players who addicted to the Battle Royale – like myself – will have the opportunity to earn an exclusive birthday cake back bling, a new spray birthday spraypaint, and a birthday emoticon.

At first glance, these objectives look incredibly easy to get done. The hardest of the three challenges will be to find the cakes to dance in front of, but even then, this shouldn’t take players more than an hour or two to knockout.

Lucky for everyone, you will have two weeks to get that nifty back bling.

Although I am not a Save the World player, gamers who prefer this mode will, of course, be rewarded as well. Completing the Fortnite Birthday Questline will unlock the Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero. Plus, the ‘sploder husks which are trying to ruin your day will have a “tasty surprise” inside.

If you know what that might entail, please let me know because I have no clue. Another cosmetic change will come to the battle bus when preparing to jump to the island.

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Among the Birthday update will be the release of the new P90 gun, a huge change to the slurp juice, and liking some tweaks in damage to certain guns.

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