Fortnite Battle Royale: The upgraded Ragnarok Battle Pass skin may be the best yet


The release of Fortnite Battle Royale season five has prompted many fans to begin their grind to Battle Pass tier 100 once again. Much like we saw in season four, there are two skins in-game which can be leveled up through playing more and more. This tier 100 skin, when upgraded, maybe the best skin the game has seen yet.

If you don’t like Ragnarok then I don’t like you to put it quite simply.

If you are like me and love playing this game for hours upon hours a day, having a goal to work towards everytime you get on makes Fortnite even more fun than it already is.

This season’s two upgradable skins through XP accumulated will completely change both the tier one, Drifter, and the tier 100, Raganork, far more than the unlockable upgrades we saw with Carbide or Omega.

Although the upgrades to Drifter are cool, Ragnarok is full blown incredible. Here is what he will look like once you unlock him.

Very cool yes, but not worth the 75 hours it takes to reach the top tier (without purchasing boosts or shortcuts).

Here is what the skin will look once you earn 250,000 XP.

Seriously, how can you not love the way this looks? The character is wearing a mask made of bones with his eyes glowing! He looks like some kind of demon.

What makes this skin even better is that Epic Games has announced that players will not have to earn all that XP required to get all the upgrades this season alone. All you have to do if you are a Battle Pass owner is reach that tier, then the game will continue to allow you to earn experience towards that skin in the seasons to come.

Pretty sweet right? Fortnite streamer, CourageJD, certainly agrees!

Plus, as we saw in last season, there are rumors that the developers will soon be adding the ability to change the color of Ragnarok. Reddit uses and gamers have already mocked up several concepts for what the game could look like and wow, they are incredible.

Before the end of season four, I took John Wick and Omega and compared the two to decide which tier 100 skin was cooler.  With the release of Ragnarok, I am soon going to have to do another comparison piece but I think I already have a pretty good idea of who will be chosen as the best.

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I am going to be grinding my way through the tiers of the Battle Pass keeping in mind the sweet prize that awaits me at the end of the journey. Get out there and earn yourself this Viking beast and let us know what you think of each upgrade level!

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