Fortnite Battle Royale: Which tier 100 skin is better – John Wick or Omega?

Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games /
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Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games /

The last two season of the Fortnite Battle Royale Battle Pass has seen some crazy skins. But, the two most coveted are John Wick from season three and Omega from season four. Here, we take a closer look at which one is the better overall.

The great debate. Which is cooler: John Wick or Omega?

Many Fortnite fans have put in hours upon hours to reach tier 100 to be able to brag to their friends about the cool skin they have earned. After having done this same thing myself over the last two seasons of the game, I decided it was time to take an in-depth look at which skin was truly worth the time and effort to work towards.

Without further delay, let’s jump in.

The case for John Wick

This was the first skin that signified how good someone was at the game. All the “when you see a John Wick coming at you” jokes and memes blew up the Fortnite community. This was the skin that told opponents, I’m good at the game and know how to build quickly.

With the clean cut all black suit and the assassin Keanu Reeves look, I worked tireless hours to be able to add this to my inventory of cool skins to show off.

The Wick skin is great because it is such a clean look. A dude running around in a suit getting 10-kill games is awesome. To accompany the skin was the tier 100 challenge of earning the High Octane glider. Matching the two makes this skin a candidate for the best in the game without a doubt.

However, some could look at this skin as being a tad bland. Tthe skin is not a truly original idea added to the game by Epic Games. As we have seen in the item shop several times, the creative team behind Fortnite does a great job releasing a handful of new skins every season in addition to the Battle Pass unlockables.

The one thing I would say I don’t like about John Wick is that you can’t customize him at all. The Omega has a clear advantage in that department, however, I don’t have a suggestion for what the player could change. Maybe the color of the tie?

Either way, I am a huge fan of the Wick skin because of that cool assassin vibe it gives off. Whenever I get a kill with the silenced pistol in this skin, I feel like I’ve carried out a hit.