Fortnite Battle Royale: Portals working both ways, sending artifacts to Fortnite map

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

We’re seeing Fortnite relics and statues popping up all over the real world, but it’s worth noting that random objects are popping up around the Fortnite map as well. The intense and exciting build-up to season 5 continues.

Yesterday we covered some of the Fortnite objects randomly appearing in a Californian desert as well as llamas showing up in seemingly random European cities.

Today, let’s have a look at some of the items that are showing up in our beloved Fortnite world. Just this afternoon, what looks like a dinosaur skeleton joined several other items in being the most recent to teleport in through a portal at Moisty Mire.

This is the most recent in a growing list of items over the last week or so. Players initially spotted an anchor and an old-school carriage that made their way into the virtual world. The items continue to give hints as to a time-warped season 5 that could be a mixing of many worlds.

The consensus theory for season 5 is that the new season will bring a historical theme. The rocket created some sort of rift in the “space-time continuum” allowing various eras of history to be introduced into the virtual world (at least, that’s what I’ve convinced myself it will be).

This genius idea would allow Epic endless opportunities to work in new skins from thousands of years of history. Pirates, Spartans, the renaissance era, dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, etc. Literally anything is possible and we’re very excited to find out what happens on Thursday.

The newest hint from game’s Twitter page is this Norse ax that would hint at the possibility of Vikings joining the mix as well. You had me with the initial (Egyptian or Asian) mask that was teased first, but this is next level. If I can play as a bad-ass Viking skin, I might never switch again.

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