Fortnite Battle Royale: Fortnite relics are appearing in the desert, all over the world

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

The disappearing Fortnite signs and relics are starting to appear in the real world and there are llama’s popping up in European cities. Epic Games is really going all out for the season 5 launch.

Ever since the in-game Fortnite rocket launch, portals or “rifts” have been appearing throughout the map and making our some very noticeable signs and statues disappear from the game. Perhaps most notably of all, the Tomato Town and Durrr Burger restaurant statues.

To build excitement for the upcoming fifth season of Fortnite, Epic Games has put a real-world spin on the hype. Recently, the Durrr Burger statue has appeared in a desert in California, along with a police cruiser that looks very similar to those in the game.

According to those who have visited the site, there is a man there handing out cards with a phone number on them. The card states “Agent 3678” and has a phone number to call: (712) 380-4091. When called, a sound similar to the portals in the game can be heard through your phone.

As of right now, the tomato head from Tomato Town has yet to be found, but Twitter user @TmarTn points out that the recent discovery of three llamas in Europe could be a real-life Fortnite challenge. Do not be shocked if the you see a giant tomato in Paris at some point in the next three days.

Not enough can be said about the buzz created, the fun or the effort of Epic Games in launching season 5. To add-in real world experiences for players is on another level. The last time people were this excited over a release was the time clowns started showing up before the IT movie hit theaters (you won’t convince me that it wasn’t planned).

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We’re enjoying every second of the build up to season 5, which can’t come soon enough!

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