Fortnite Battle Royale: Epic Games wants you to make a Fortnite superhero movie

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

Epic Games is holding a “Fortnite blockbuster” contest to all Fortnite players. Get out there and film your best superhero movie for a chance to win big v-bucks (and other prizes).

The developers at Epic Games are never short of having fun when it comes to Fortnite. The newest contest to close out season 4 involved filming and submitting a Fortnite superhero blockbuster movie.

The #FortniteBlockbuster challenge is a fun way to make a few v-bucks and it isn’t that difficult to enter. Film your movie, upload it to YouTube and email the link, your full name and Epic ID to for a chance to win.

The films will be judged on three main criteria: Creativity, fortnite-ness and mastery. The judges want to see superhero action, storytelling, a “Fortnite tone”  and the use of the replay system to its full capabilities. Here are the full details.

Entries must be between one and five minutes in length and can feature the use of royalty free audio. If you’re trying to win, the goal here is to get creative. There are a total of six prizes to be won; A grand prize and five “finalists.”

The big winner will have their film featured on the Risky Reels screen along with its title on the marquee and an in-game poster. The real prize here, of course, is the 25,000 v-bucks that comes with first place. The five finalists will receive 10,000 v-bucks each. Not bad for less than an hour’s work.

Here’s an example of the camera work and production Epic might be looking for. This player took a more serious approach in the preview to their Fortnite blockbuster.

The possibilities are truly endless here. The Fortnite map is huge and can accommodate anything from serious drama to in-game action to comedy. Have fun with it and get in on a chance to win big v-bucks in the process.

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