Fortnite Battle Royale: Patch v4.5 brought some interesting map changes

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

If you’ve gotten the chance to play Fortnite today, you’ll notice a fewchanges to the map. Here’s what we think they mean.

The Fortnite update patch v4.5 dropped today and with it, some slight tweaks to the map. The changes were originally discovered by dataminers @TwoEpicBuddies on Twitter.

The changes provide a general update to three areas on the map, one of which we think is going to lead to bigger things in the very near future. Here are the three changes:

First and foremost, let’s cover the gradual change that has been happening throughout this season. Dusty Divot has been slowly growing back since the day it was hit with the meteor containing “the Visitor” on day one of season 4.

The other craters have also been slowly filled and overgrown as well. This is a great move by Epic Games, as the hop-rock shot gun battles were fun for a while, but crossing Dusty to get to the circle became an annoying task given how open and low it was.

Second, a new tower is in the process of being built at Tilted Towers. If you’re pro-Tilted, you’ve probably noticed the construction work happening in Fortnite‘s busy downtown core. A brand new building has been raised in the spot of the Tilted divot and it’s sure to be very busy for the next few days.

The building is still under construction so the inside is wide open and the surrounding area is littered with stacks of pallets. This is a great spot to gather quick resources if you land at Tilted or are running through later in the game.

Finally and most importantly, the rocket looks ready to launch (it’s still in place, despite speculation that it might have been gone based on the mined pictures). If you haven’t noticed, small changes have been added to the rocket over the past few weeks and it seems it is preparing for launch. Where it will go and what it will do are still a mystery.

The rocket could very well be a very obvious throw from Epic, who have been known to troll us with clues in the past. Some are theorizing that the rocket may be a part of an upcoming LTM, or that the “visitor” will take it back to his home planet.

Regardless of what happens, Epic destroying another location on the Fortnite map would be very similar to last season. Be prepared for some trickery in the coming week leading into season 5.

On that note, consider this your reminder to finish up your battle pass tasks! We have coverage on each week’s challenges on ForeverFortnite for you to clean up whatever is left.

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